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Neil Healey

Neil Healey

Get unlimited online classes

For a monthly payment of only £35 you can attend as many online classes as you like. This is a cheapest option if you plan to do more than one class a week. I recommend that you do at least two classes a week to get the best results. There are no commitments, you can cancel at anytime. 

Pay as you go

If you only plan to do it a class once a week or less you can pay £6 per class. You can buy blocks of 6 classes for £36 and use them whenever you like.

1 one hour private live/online session

I formed Neilpilates when I qualified through Michael King’s Pilates Institute (now MK Pilates) on 31 October 2004. I have extensive teaching experience and love teaching Pilates.

I teach numerous classes in South Belfast and Belfast city centre each week and I also teach private 1 to 1 sessions in my Neilpilates 1 to 1 Studio at 17 Wynchurch Park, Belfast, BT6 0JL. I have a weekly Antenatel class on Sundays in my studio.

I tutor the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Mat-Based Pilates for Alpha Training & Performance.

I handpick the Neilpilates teachers and I have tutored the majority them to gain their Pilates mat qualification.

I have qualifications in teaching;

  • Level 3 Diploma In Instructing Pilates Mat Work – Active IQ

  • Pregnancy Pilates – MK Pilates

  • Seniors & Pilates – MK Pilates

  • Sacroiliac Joint & Hip – MK Pilates

  • Healthy Back – MK Pilates

  • Shoulder Girdle & Neck – MK Pilates

  • Knee & Foot -MK Pilates

  • Multiple Sclerosis Matwork & Accessories Exercise Specialist – Mbodies

  • Pilates For Scoliosis – APPI

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